Startup Package

Startup Package

About Inflatable Business Jump Start Package

Inflatable Business Jump Start Package designed for new starters, it will help you to have your inflatable rental business up and running in matter of weeks. It’s purpose is to give you practical solutions by providing all necessary documentation and marketing tools. Any product or service has its specific marketing strategies and advertising techniques. Your success depends not only on your product but also on marketing and business knowledge. With Jump Start Package you can be sure to have all necessary tools in hand to do successfull marketing of your business. Package consists of Rental Agreement, Safety Instructions, Marketing Kit and 1000 Business Cards. Se details bellow.

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Business Cards

Marketing Kit includes Full Color UV coated double sided Business Cards. Why business cards? not a free dolly or sand bags? Simply because business cards will bring you more business, they are your #1 Marketing Tool. For most of your potential customers the first impression about your company will be through your business cards. This business cards designed by professional graphic artists, to be impressive, informative and create high and professional image about your company.
"There is no second chance for the first impression" as they say.



Rental Agreement

Rental agreement is a waver which is used in inflatable rental industry.
Your customers have to agree with all terms and conditions in document and sign it before using your inflatable unit. By doing that they are releasing you from any type of liabilities and agreeing that they are the responsible party for any issue that may rise related to the unit they rented. This document is created and revised by our legal advisors, to make sure it is most comprehensive and complete documentation to cover all aspects related to inflatable rentals. This will protect you and your business from any type of legal disputes.

Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions explain safety regulations an rules on inflatable unit operation. It also contains information about responsibilities of the person supervising the event. Information like how to how to stop, deflate or inflate unit in cases of emergency and emergency contact information. This will help your customer to coordinate event in safely manner and eliminate unnecessary calls.

Marketing And Advertising Kit

Marketing And Advertising Kit is different from general marketing techniques because it designed specifically for inflatable industry and its customer base. It will help you to run effective marketing campaign without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing. By analyzing and synthesizing information on marketing techniques used by our company and hundreds of our customers we crated most efficient marketing information package. Information is based on experience and feedback form our customers about there successes in marketing. We constantly update information by adding most effective and practical tips and marketing techniques.
Kit also has information on how to run you business efficiently in professional manner, equipment maintenance tips and list of inflatable insurance providers.

Inflatable Operational Manual

The Inflatable Operational Manual has operational and maintenance information. It has step by step instructions on how to setup and take down the inflatable units. Also inflatables and motor blowers safety and maintenance information.