About Us

About Us:     Jingo Jump, Inc founded in 2001 in Glendale, CA. We specialize in manufacturing and sales of Inflatable play structures for the amusement and rental industry. From day one our creative designs, quality and safety of our products made our company one of the leaders in inflatable industry.We thank our customers for their contribution in our outstanding achievements. We work as a team, because even with most dedication and effort no company can succeed without successful customer base. That’s why we focus on helping wide range of potential customers to start and operate their business not only by providing them with height quality products and services, but also with assistance in marketing and advertisement.

Quality:     We use heavy duty commercial grade high quality 18oz PVC vinyl material, heavy duty extra strength nylon thread and Polypropylene and Nylon reinforced webbing at all stress points. While our superior design and construction ensures a high quality of the products, we control every step of the production process, We pioneered and developed new safety futures and enforcement techniques unique to our products to ensure a longer life of the unit.

For easy deflation all our rides come with zipper slots and hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection.


All seams in our units are double stitched by heavy duty extra strength nylon thread.We use Polypropylene and Nylon reinforced webbing at all stress points
Digital Printing:     With our large format high end digital printers we deliver the finest custom signage and large-format digital graphic solutions available that make our inflatables stand heads above the crowd. We also design and print custom banner signs and Art panels.

To keep images scratch and fade resistant we use special Liquid Laminator.
Each digital image gets clear-coated with a special liquid laminate that is vulcanized to the vinyl surface. This gives images enhance digital graphics, durable coating solution and also gives them 5 year outdoor color-fastness.