About Us

Our History:

From modest beginners
To reinvent affordable and attainable inflatables:

Jingo Jump Inc. is one of the nation’s leading inflatable manufacturing companies. Jingo Jump Inc. was founded in 2001 in Glendale, CA. The idea for the business came about from a demand in the party rental businesses for more affordable, attractive, and high-quality inflatable bouncers. Our team with visionary leadership has been committed to providing the inflatable industry with creative designs and high-quality products for the party rental business. Through two decades we have helped thousands of customers to establish and expand their inflatable bouncers businesses nationwide. At Jingo Jump we always value commitment and teamwork and we work with our customers by offering them education and help to establish and grow their business.

Massage from us:

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself! Take it from us; after working continuously for over 20 years, we specialize in manufacturing and sales of Inflatable play structures for the amusement and rental industry. We show gratitude to our customers for their contribution to our outstanding achievements and success. We work as a team because even with the most dedication and effort no company can succeed without a successful customer base. We make visions happen by acting as the strategic interject for your businesses, remediating the stability of running your business so that you can move forward, by paying attention to you all as individuals.
Lets Build Future together

A mission statement:

Our mission is to initiate on helping a wide range of potential customers to start and operate their business by providing them with height quality products and services, similarly, to assist in marketing and advertising. The Purpose of Jingo Jump Inc. refers to the major reason for your business beyond financial gain to build a relationship with your customers by offering them inflatable bouncers, obstacle courses, games, Combo units, and water slides.

A vision statement:

Turn Your Vision into Reality with Jingo Jump Inc.
We emphasize the significance of children’s development in creativity, imagination, and educational growth as well as for the next generations of entrepreneurs and consumers to realize their full possibilities to establish, and to grow their own businesses.

Our values:
Our number one priority is the commitment that every customer interaction is handled with care and diligence. We built our entire business on the foundation of honesty and integrity with a strong, trusting relationship with our partners.


We use heavy-duty commercial grade high quality 18oz PVC vinyl material, heavy-duty extra strength nylon thread and Polypropylene and Nylon reinforced webbing at all stress points. While our superior design and construction ensure a high quality of the products, we control every step of the production process. Our team pioneered and developed new safety futures and enforcement techniques unique to our products to ensure a longer life of the unit.

For easy deflation, all our rides come with zipper slots and hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection.

All seams in our units are double-stitched by heavy-duty extra-strength nylon thread. We use Polypropylene and Nylon reinforced webbing at all stress points.



The willingness to constantly improve has helped us to establish a dynamic platform for our customers where they can explore creativity and enhance their businesses. We help inflatable rental companies to take advantage of our years of experience with highly advanced and innovative products in the market to grow and establish their own business.
If you need an outstanding team of experts to develop and gain faithfulness and partnership with your customers by carrying out your vision, you are in the right place.